You're only 14 days to the ideal pet ...    
and a happier dog !
We took our dog Roy to Susan and Ken’s home for training after
learning about the Academy from my veterinarian.  Roy is an 82
lb. lab, who unfortunately was encouraged to chase cats while
growing up.  Now we lived in a household with a cat who was
very fearful of dogs, and trying to get them to live in harmony
was impossible. Roy was also difficult to handle on leash, and
his constant pulling made it hard to enjoy walks around town.
After less than two weeks at the Academy Roy came home. We
spent a lot of time with Susan and Ken learning how to continue
his training at home.  The approach was easy to understand, and
the ability to work together with Roy in this way has made our
bond much stronger.  He is such a joy to have around these
days.  He and our cat get along fine, and seem to enjoy each
other now.  I can take Roy with me anywhere on leash and he is
a total gentleman.  It's so much fun to be able to take our dog
places with us now.  He is a much happier and confident dog
now because the training has allowed us a way to communicate.  
By using clear commands along with praise he knows what is
expected of him, which makes life easier on everyone. We were
literally at the end of our rope trying to figure out what to do with
our animal situation.  The Pro K-9 Academy has been a blessing
beyond words.  Peace and harmony in our home is priceless,
thank you so much for helping us to get there!
Christie and Keith and Roy
Christie and Keith
going home with Roy
"Hi, there I was walking the two dogs
down the street(Browning) and at the
end of the block were my friends and
doggie friends!!!! 5 people, 4 labs, and
2 Goldens.  You remember the labs----
The young one out of control yellow
lab was doing racing laps around and
around.  My perfect Katie Mae just sat
there like a good pup that she is.  
Yea!!!  I knew she wanted to get in it
but there she sat.  Even Annie(stood)
Am I happy ?? I am.  
Thanks forever."  Suzie S.
Suzie and Larry
going home with Katie
Eyal & Monica going home with Dottie
"Since coming home Dottie
is doing great.
She's no longer chewing
up the sofa cushions"
Heather and Scott going home with Ellie and Agnes
"My girls are perfect little angels after doggie boot camp.
Now I can take them anywhere."
Tracie going home with Keala
" Sarah is doing really good.
Now she knows to potty outside.
I love the fact that I can put her on a
stay and she will hold it even with
the other dogs around."
Nick and Elizabeth
going home with Sarah
"Susan is a fabulous person and what a fabulous trainer.
Bruno used to be aggressive at men and dogs. I paid
another trainer $500 but he was afraid of my dog. Then
Susan trained him. Yesterday I took him on an hour walk
and he was great. I never had any fear. I felt like I knew
what to do.
I was calm because I knew he was no longer going to
lunge and drag me. Please feel free to use me as a
reference. My life was so tense and fearful and limited
before we went to Susan and now I feel so free. This
really changed our lives."  
Chris, her husband, Bruno and Susan
Bruizer going home with Kelli and Tracy
Graduation day for Ollie and Yingting
Hi Susan and Ken,
It’s been 3 weeks now since we picked up Scout and Ryder, and I want to let you know
the wow! factor of the change in their behavior has not diminished a bit!  I am still in awe
of the magic of the “down/stay.”  It’s like their secret “off” button.  I love it, because we
can let them romp and have fun when appropriate, and have them be calm and settled on
demand.  Even better, I sense that they are much more comfortable and content.  Instead
of restlessly pacing around in the house (Ryder looking for something to do, and Scout
monitoring his every move), they just lie down and relax!  Even when not on a “stay,”
they may follow me around, but then just settle easily back into a “down” wherever I
may end up.  It’s wonderful.
I replay the video of our exit training to remind myself of the precision and correctness of the heel and sit as you demonstrated
for us.  Jake is much better at reinforcing that during our walks than I am :).  We’ve really enjoyed taking them to downtown
Willow Glen and our local Starbucks, and soaking up the many compliments on their wonderful manners!

I really can’t thank you both enough for this new found peace, tranquility and truly enjoyable companionship we now have with
Scout and Ryder.  I had been really struggling before.  But everything about the experience with Pro K9 Academy has been
great:  knowing that our dogs were in very good hands while we were away on vacation, and then coming back home to such a
profound change, allowing us to share our daily lives with happy and obedient dogs.

I look forward to staying in touch, and sending you updates occasionally.  Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.  
I would be more than happy to talk with anyone that may find our experience useful in making a step toward achieving the same
fantastic results!
Graduation day for Scout and Ryder
Joanne, the kids and I are so appreciative of what you
and Ken did with Matisse. He is a great dog and only
more enjoyable to be around now. We went to a super
busy area in Berkeley to get coffee and something to
eat and brought him with us without any issues. There
were kids, dogs, traffic, the whole nine and he was
completely confident, calm and responsive to all of our
commands. He understands what we expect from him.
I am so impressed and would recommend Pro K9
Academy to anyone interested in having a dog that is
well behaved and more pleasurable to be around. This
may very well be the best investment I have ever
Thank you both so much and we will certainly be in
touch in the future.

Graduation day for Matisse, with Paolo and Joanne.
Graduation day for Legend.
Going home with Keith, Rose and Josh.
Graduation day for Lukin and Matt in South Mission Beach.
Graduation day for Brownie and Farouk.
Hi Sue and Ken,

The past Holiday was a logistic nightmare and late but sincerely, we hope you had a nice holiday and best
wishes for a Happy New Year.
It’s been almost three months since we picked up Patch, and we are so glad we invested in the training.  Patch
is behaving very well. He has his times he gets overly playful and sometime mischievous but will
sit/down/stay/wait, when we tell him, which was a big part of our original issues. He has calmed down around
the grand kids and plays gentle with the little one now.

He has a few “buddies” at the park  now. After the “incident” I called you about, we stayed away for about three
weeks. I would walk up and hang out with some of the dog owners (without Patch). I did find out that the “other
dog” and owner I called about, is the neighborhood problem and the other four dog owners have had incidents
with that dog, and mostly the owner’s attitude and ignorance.

Getting the bike “Springer” before we brought Patch home was a good move. He sure does, as you said, love to
run. I have people in cars stop me and ask me if I made the thing.  Routine is about a 2 mile walk very early,
each morning, before I go to work. During the walk he gets sits, stays and heels at ever corner which about the
only thing I say now, is “heel” when I’m ready to step out.  About a ½ mile down there’s a 2 foot tall utility box he
“ups” onto and sits (for a “good boy “ scratch) and stays until I command “off”. He also walks a 16 foot bench in
the sitting park and then will jump some low chains. On the way back, the elementary school had these 4 foot
high pipes about 3 feet apart to separate the walk from the parking area. There’s 24 of them and Patch has
learned to weave in and out of them from a sit/stay at one end and my walking to the other end. He goes on the
command “Gates”. Each day, or so, we skip something so he doesn't just do things on habit. He also likes
walking the tops of retaining walls (cat blood???).

Stevi leaves about 45 minute after me and Patch is put in his run. He faired a few days of heavy rain pretty well.
The dog house I built is deep enough and where he stayed dry.  The chewing everything has stopped.   When I
get home, I let him in and he gets a quick big head scratch and neck rub. Then it’s a sit stay for about ten
minutes while I get the mail, change clothes, putz around and roll the bike out of the garage. Once I come back
in and am ready to leave, he gets the OK and will run to the door awaiting the harness to go on. I have plotted a
three, four and five mile local route and weekdays after work, (unless its raining) we usually do a 4 or 5 miler.
After returning to the house (I need to wind down a bit) we go over to the park (maybe an eighth mile away) and
do fetch and goes. Sometime I just let him go on the throw, and sometimes he’s at stay, until I say OK, then he’ll
beeline for the toy. He was chasing anything thrown, by anyone, but will now chase only his ball, while the other
dogs are basically doing the same. It’s great to see the dogs running just a few feet apart and each return to
their owners at the same time.  There’s 2 labs, a German Sheppard and a Corgi. Boomer is a huge, slow, old
Rottweiler mix who just presided over everything. Time at the park is anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or

After the walk home I wait about and hour and he gets fed. He’s still at that 51 – 52 pound range. He get 2-1/2
cups of the Orijen or Spot’s Stew each meal. Sometimes we reduce the dog food and supplement the quantity
with a leftover.

We have started taking him out more with us. At first it was fast food outside tables only, but this weekend we
went for breakfast at a busy restaurant with a serviced patio. Patch was a perfect gentleman and we even got
comments from other dog owners while there.

So all seems well. We are so pleased with Patch’s progress and your work with “us”.

Hope all is well at your end.  Obviously some photos attached