How can we offer such a guarantee?

Because our training is effective and long lasting.
When you return to pick up your dog we show you how to maintain your dogs excellent behavior.
Follow our instructions and it's highly unlikely you will experience any loss in training.

What if I do have questions or concerns?

We are only a phone call away and phone behavior consultations are always free.

What if I still have problems?

Together we will arrange a no-charge appointment for you and your dog at our facility.
No training charges apply. We will work with the two of you until we have fixed the problem.
If your dog does overnight with us a nominal boarding fee will apply on a per-night basis.

Will my dog ever misbehave again?

YES of course. Dogs have free will. We don't turn them into mindless robots and your dogs personality doesn't change.
No form of training can guarantee that your dog will never, ever do a naughty behavior again.  But if needed, we are
available for follow up assistance for your dog's lifetime.

What exactly does the guarantee cover?

All training issues that together we had originally established on the training application.
We offer a lifetime follow up guarantee on your dogs training