Do you dream of having on and off leash control of your dog?
Then our 14 to 21 day board and train program may be for you.


Walking on a loose leash - No pulling
Coming when called - Consistently
Sitting when asked
Laying down when asked
Acting well behaved, attentive, and happy
Treating family members with respect
- Would you like your dog to -

14 - 21 Day Boarding School Program:
In only 14 to 21 days, your dog comes home trained to be a happy, polite companion...on and off leash.

You'll be able to go everywhere together.  That's because we use the amazing GentleTouch™ Method.
All behavior issues are covered, including housebreaking if it's a problem.

And remember...  the training is  
GUARANTEED  for the lifetime of your dog.

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Jumping up on people
Dashing through open doors
Biting or growling
Unwanted barking and chewing
Climbing on furniture without invitation
Stealing from tables and counters

We teach your dog all that along with anything else you want for your dog to be happy and healthy in your home.

Unlike many board and train facilities we only take one or two client dogs at a time - no more.
This means your dog gets all of our love and attention while learning to behave in a real home environment.
And our training can take place when you travel or anytime you simply need a break.

Your pup will get the fundamentals in manners and obedience and be returned ready to follow your leadership.     
Our GentleTouch™ Method engages your dogs natural pack/prey drive instincts through interactive play and     
cooperative social engagement. We work with your dogs natural abilities.  Our methods are remarkably fast and     
highly effective with most dogs. Your dog's unruly behavior is replaced with good manners and self control, even    
with real world distractions, ON and OFF leash.  And we customize the training for your dog to meet your unique
needs and goals.

                Dogs are not less beings than ourselves; just a different species.
Our other services to choose from include ...

Talk one-on-one with the pro's
Often times many issues can be handled right over the telephone.  We provide solutions to common problems such
as jumping on people, bolting through open doors, excessive barking, destructive chewing and housebreaking.  
We offer 30+ minutes of phone consultation.  Call for an appointment.

7 - Day Leash Manners Boarding School Program
Our On-Leash solution for rowdiness. That's right! No more pulling.  
We'll train for excellent on leash manners. You can enjoy your walks, even under distracting conditions.  
Your well mannered dog will also Sit and Down  when asked.
Best of all ...  you will see your dog become calmer and happier.
This program is appropriate for dogs that are not aggressive and six months or older.

2 Hour Pack Leader Session
Do you feel like your dog is running the show?
You'll be amazed at the difference a little Pack Leadership will make in you relationship.
We can help you make quick improvements with leash pulling, guarding resources, housebreaking and
jumping up.
Be in control of the walk. Regain control of your home. Enjoy the company of your dog.
Bring your dog to our location and leave many of your problems behind.

      Call Toll Free to reserve your advanced booking

                         (888) 4 Pro K9s      (888) 477-6597
The GentleTouch™method is an intuitive system of training that makes sense to both people and dogs. Effective
and gentle, the training method works WITH the dogs instincts rather than against them. We achieve off leash
reliability even with distractions. Most dogs perceive the training as simple "pack cooperation" and interactive play.
Therefore, they quickly shed rebellious behavior, and give you more focus than you imagined possible.